I try not to get to worked up about politics, and maintain a pretty even-keeled approach to current events, preferring pragmatism over dogma. But today’s news has me all fired up.


First, Peter King is trying to effectively discriminate against a massive group of people, based solely on their religious affiliation. Brilliant. Let’s make sure the radicals have some good juicy stuff to write about in their recruiting pamphlets. Like how the US persecutes Muslims.

Second, Scott Walker at The Wall Street Journal decides that since unions have adopted some ineffective policies, and pushed too hard on occasion, the right to collective bargaining should be stripped, and we can go right on back to paying teachers next to nothing for working a phenomenal amount of hours.

Third, the Utah Legislature voted OVERWHELMINGLY to get rid of daily drink specials, mini kegs sold by in-state breweries (i.e. local businesses), and did not appropriate any new bar licenses, all in the name of “the children.” What a crock. The Republicans here are all for small government until it comes to regulating their single biggest revenue source, after income tax. Then, they make as hard as possible to run a successful business, because clearly, alcohol is evil.




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