As a followup to my previous post, in which I expressed outrage at the lack of reason and rational conversation taking place in our country, I found a post by Adam Sternbergh of The New York Times expressing similar feelings. Read it here.

The acceptance of faulty arguments across all facets of life leads us down a path of ignorance, xenophobia, and, ultimately, massive societal failure. (Yes, big jump there, but I think it’s warranted.) This is why so many Americans continue to believe that Obama is a Muslim, that Islam is an inherently violent religion, or that the President was born in Kenya. These deliberate acts of disinformation do nothing to solve problems, engender dialogue, or otherwise bring resolution to complex, important issues.

Thank you, Mr. Sternbergh, for drawing the dotted line between the Tea Party and the anti-bike rhetoric so prevalent in this country. It adds a logical element to a completely illogical argument.


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