Spelunking in the Pain Cave

I rode about 50 miles yesterday, something like 49.41. The MapMyRide app for iPhone is pretty awesome. Start and forget, and it tracks mileage, average speed, max speed, elevation, and all that good stuff.  Then it’ll upload that to the MapMyRide site so you can collect your rides and track your progress.


Anyway, the first 25 miles felt incredible.  I was fast, the weather was beautiful, and the pedals were spinning easy. Then the weather got a little stormier, the wind kicked up, and I ran out of gas. That was at about 33 miles. I suffered through the headwind, slowly leaking tire, and complete lack of food and water until about 42 miles. Then I stopped and got some water at a gas station, choked down some peanuts, and swapped out the tube. Struggled the rest of the way home, and then laid in bed for two hours until I felt a little better.


Lessons learned:

Potato-based breakfast at 10 am does not support a 4-hour effort starting at 2 pm

Bring more water

Sugar, not protein when you’re bonking. I was cramping, so I tried to find the saltiest thing I could, which was peanuts. They didn’t help that much. A coke would have been much more effective

Electrolyte solution in one bottle

Pay closer attention to tire pressure when it gets hard to turn the pedals


It was a rough one, hopefully I won’t be repeating that experience anytime soon.



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