Mini Bike Tour – Planning

A couple friends and I will be doing a mini-sized bike tour this weekend to get out and enjoy the spring-like weather. It’s supposed to rain a bit, but we all have gear closets that are larger than our regular closets, so we’ll be dry while we sip whiskey.


We’ll be heading from Salt Lake up to Antelope Island, which is about 48 miles each way. The majority of this can be ridden on bike paths, and rural roads, which should make for some good, easy rolling. This will also be the Fargo’s maiden voyage. I have to pick up some cheap racks for it, and borrow some panniers from another friend, but it’s basically ready once that happens. I’ll be taking pictures and telling the story here, but until then, feel free to peruse the map I created. (I’m mildly addicted to MapMyRide, by the way, it’s an incredibly simple tool to figure out mileage and elevation)



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