Occupy…The Trainer

Fall has rushed quickly into winter here in the Intermountain West, and that means one thing – layer up or go inside. In the past, I’ve been a fervent proponent of layering up, but mostly hardening the fuck up and getting after it outside. This year, though, with markedly lower body fat, and thus insulation, I’m getting colder much quicker, and the layers don’t seem to cut the cold like they used to.

In short, Mother Nature has forced me onto the trainer.

Having decided that even if I owned a trainer, the apartment was no place to get my sweat on, I broke down and rejoined the gym, for pretty much the express purpose of using their spin bikes. Putting in any more than 20-30 minutes on a stationary bike makes me die a little inside, but there is certainly a mental strength that grows alongside the physical strength. And, speaking of physical strength, the aerobic and ‘exercise’ benefit you get from the trainer puts bike riding outside to shame. Except that I don’t ride outside because it’s great exercise, I ride because it’s fun. Which the trainer is not.

I have my sights set on the Tour Del Sol at the end of March as my first race of the season. It’s an amateur stage race with a criterium, TT, and road race over two days. I don’t want much out of it other than to get my racing feet wet. Then, in June and July, the real racing begins.


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