Vegan Thanksgiving

Three years after eschewing meat and other animal products, the family is starting to understand and accomodate a little bit. I made a big batch of delicious risotto, and they set aside some squash and mashed potatoes before cutting the rest with butter and heavy cream. 

Even a fully-vegan Thanksgiving dinner was enough to send me to the couch for a food coma-induced nap after dinner. I do wish there was something I could do relatively easily to make a true centerpiece of a dish for events like this. Field Roast makes some really phenomenal meat substitutes, but even those fall a little short in the accessibility to non-vegans realm. 

Two flights in less than 48 hours took their toll on my immune system, though, I’ve come down with a bit of a lingering sore throat. Hopefully getting back to normal eating and full nutrient levels (rather than relying on two sides of hashbrowns and a side of avocado for breakfast) will combat some of the germs making the rounds this time of year. 


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