Trainer Time, all the Time

After a rather nice four days off for Thanksgiving, it was back to the grind this evening. And by back to the grind, I mean an hour and a half on the spin bike. I’m starting to really hate the spin bikes for all the reasons you start to hate a bike that isn’t yours. Even though you supposedly set it up at the same dimensions every time, it always feels just a little different. 

Then there’s the issue of the saddle. What an absolutely godawful piece of ass hatchet bullshit. It’s not padded enough to be a ‘comfort saddle’ nor is it slim enough to be a ‘racing saddle.’ It’s somewhere in between, and that’s where it gets ugly. For comparison’s sake, it’s more padded than a WTB Laser V, but just barely. It’s wider at the back, too, more like one of those ‘sporty’ hybrid saddles. Anyway, it’s great for 10 minutes, but starts to descend into varying degrees of awful as the time goes on. And the bolts are loose, so rather than having a solid platform to put out power, you start to slide back and the nose tilts up. Awesome. The only upside is that it encourages me to do more standing climb drills. 

At any rate, I’m hopeful that the house we want to move into becomes available sooner, rather than later. It has a garage, so I’ll be able to set up a bike on the trainer and have a good ol’ time; crank the music, turn on a fan, and sweat my ass off in the comfort of my own pain cave, without having to worry that I’m grunting too loud and scaring the the little college freshman girls on the ellipticals.

The legs feel good, though. As much as I’ve always resisted riding inside, and even though I still generally hate it, the results are undeniable, even in less than a month. 


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