My Footprint

Carbon footprint, that is. I’ve mostly avoided looking into exactly what my carbon footprint is because I’ve never been satisfied with the format of the data. What the hell is a pound of CO2, anyway? Well, a friend of mine doing his Master’s thesis on the social impact of global warming turned me on to the Center for Sustainable Economy, and I have to say, it’s pretty slick. Their quiz takes 5 minutes or so, and returns a well-grounded, easily understood data point – how many earths would it take to support your current lifestyle. My results in Global Acres are substantially lower than average, and yet it would still take 2.25 earths to support me. 


My score is interesting for two reasons; one, a vegan diet is dramatically lower impact than any other diet. And two, I take a vanpool fifty miles round-trip to work each day. It may be shared with other people, but that’s still a lot of gas. When I rode to work all the time, I’m sure my footprint was a lot smaller. But still, more than two Earths. Damn. 

CSE encourages small steps, and I’ll be making more. 


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