And the snow finally settles in…

We cyclists were pretty fortunate so far this winter. Aside from a few weeks of freezing-ass cold and choking, inverted smog in the air, October to January was pretty pleasant, and I continued to ride outside until about a week ago. Then, the snow came with authority. While decidedly un-Utah-like (wet, heavy, rain/snow mixture in the valley), what it lacked in predicatble moisture content it more than made up for in sheer quantity.

In the interest of not riding through a perpetual dust bowl this summer, I’m not too upset that normal winter finally came. But, I’m also a little upset that normal winter finally came. The appearance of snow coincided with new responsibilities at work, too, so far from being mildly entertained during the day and wishing I could duck out for a couple hours to ride, I’m quite busy and tired by the time I get home, and have little to no interest in occupying the trainer, given the resulting saddle sores that occurred during the last trainer commitment.

I’ll probably break out the skinny skis sometime in the next week, after I kick this cold that showed up on Friday. Maybe even give skate skiing a try, get my winter roadie on. Find a fanny pack (excuse me, ‘lumbar hydration pack’) and dial in my V2. Or something.

I have a pretty strong case of spring bike fever settling in as well. Big plans for an existing frame, and bigger plans for a new roadie and a new mountain frame. And some magical way to sell whatever I can to get the money for them.


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