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Post-Ride Coffee and Sugar

Double espresso, vegan ginger softie cookie, vegan soft serve.  At City Cakes and Cafe in Salt Lake


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I have had it with the following things:

Posted this on Tumblr earlier tonight. Decided it needed a second home. I get so fed up with seeing/reading/hearing the same damn excuses and justifications for doing stupid shit, or allowing your body to take over your mind. Your brain is powerful. Harness it, and get the fuck on with life.


1. ‘Veganism is sooooo hard!There just isn’t any vegan food where I live!’ Bullshit. Rice, beans, pasta, vegetables, and fruit are available in some manner or another everywhere in the first world. You can’t get meat substitutes? wah wah wah. Learn to cook.

2. ‘Eating healthy is expensive.’ Please. I spend vastly less on eating healthy than I ever did on packing my body full of ‘food’ from fast food restaurants, frozen dinners, and prepackaged, processed food. Go to the grocery store.

3. ‘Oh, I could never give up ______, it’s too awesome.’ Not true. you can give up anything you want, if you want to. You just have to actually want to, and it’s not hard at all.

End of rant, just tired of seeing the same shit over and over again.

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Utah Weather at its Finest

Today’s commute was a prime example of everything Utah can throw at you (or, why I carry so much shit in my bag). When I left the house, it looked like this outside:


When I left work in the evening, it looked like this:


And when I got home, it looked like this:


It rained more or less from the time I got to work until it started to snow, about halfway home. My ride is only about 7 miles, and takes somewhere in the 20-30 minute range, typically. It was wet, heavy, nasty snow. My outer shorts, tights, and shoe covers had wet out at the knees and ankles, but my top was essentially dry (thanks eVent!).I spent a few extra minutes wringing out all of my clothes on the porch before I went inside.


I threw the roadie pedals on the Konamutter this morning, because I had the SPDs on the Fargeaux, and decided it was easier to put a different pair of pedals on than it was to pull the others off and put them back on the Konamutter. Not the best decision I’ve ever made. Roadie pedals suck for commuting, clipping in and out, etc. Plus, I had to wear shoe covers, and shoe covers are less than awesome.  I picked them up on sale a few months ago, but they’re designed for road shoes, so I hadn’t used them before today, outside of a test fitting right after I got them.  Unfortunately the zipper blew out when I put them on to ride home (you know, when I really needed them).


The rubber band worked pretty well to keep them from flapping too much, but the rain/snow found its way right down into the heel cup.  It was pretty rad.


Grabbed dinner and beers with a friend tonight, so there was some redemption there. Beer included a Rogue Kells, a Deschutes Inversion IPA, and a Deschutes Black Butte Porter. It was like I was in Oregon, except, you know, not. Food was the ever-ubiquitous veggie option, the Black Bean Burger, or 3B. This 3B wasn’t supposed to have cheese on it, but came with a thick slab of greasy cheese, so back it went. Probably returned with a little extra spit on it, but it was still ok. If I was a wannabe cajun restaurant, I think I’d try to make a vegan jambalaya burger, or a red bean and rice burger, or something a little more creative.  But no, 3B it was.

Weather tomorrow is supposed to be decent. Maybe it’ll be one of those post-storm bluebird-y days. I could get behind that after tonight’s commute home.



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