Jeff Bates

Jeff passed away early this morning, surrounded by people he loved. I will miss him immensely.

I only knew Jeff for about three years, but worked with him daily for most of that time. Jeff was funny, kind, intelligent, and passionate. He taught me a phenomenal amount about cycling, life, and what it means to be a good person.

This is Jeff at the 2010 Tour of Utah, working for Shimano neutral support. He’s on Bob Roll’s right, with the bitchin’ shades.

Going to head out for a ride now, pin it, and ride with Jeff on the pegs.


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What the fuck, English?

Huntsman: Tax Code Needs Revamped

This construction is not okay. ‘Needs to be Revamped,‘ or ‘Needs Revamping,’ would be acceptable. Don’t let this happen to you. And Fox News, if you can’t actually be Fair and Balanced (TM), at least be grammatically correct.

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I have had it with the following things:

Posted this on Tumblr earlier tonight. Decided it needed a second home. I get so fed up with seeing/reading/hearing the same damn excuses and justifications for doing stupid shit, or allowing your body to take over your mind. Your brain is powerful. Harness it, and get the fuck on with life.


1. ‘Veganism is sooooo hard!There just isn’t any vegan food where I live!’ Bullshit. Rice, beans, pasta, vegetables, and fruit are available in some manner or another everywhere in the first world. You can’t get meat substitutes? wah wah wah. Learn to cook.

2. ‘Eating healthy is expensive.’ Please. I spend vastly less on eating healthy than I ever did on packing my body full of ‘food’ from fast food restaurants, frozen dinners, and prepackaged, processed food. Go to the grocery store.

3. ‘Oh, I could never give up ______, it’s too awesome.’ Not true. you can give up anything you want, if you want to. You just have to actually want to, and it’s not hard at all.

End of rant, just tired of seeing the same shit over and over again.

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BSNYC goes out of town, and everyone stops blogging…

Serious, my RSS reader is empty. It doesn’t help that Prolly is on vacation, too.

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Danny Macaskill Industrial Revolutions

I’ll gladly be a part of this thing blowing up the internet. The man is amazing. Riding the steel cable is the highlight for me; he can’t walk it, but he can ride it.

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Commute by bike

Gorgeous morning bike ride

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Redverz Gear Tenere Expedition Tent

Redverz Tenere Expedition Tent

I just came across this rad little tent, and had to give it some blog love. While it’s designed for motorcycle touring, if you break up the weight between a couple people, it would be pretty awesome for bike touring as well. It packs down relatively small, and weighs 13 pounds. 13 pounds is a bit of weight, 6 1/2 per person if you’re sharing, but if you are touring in inclement weather or are willing to carry a little bit more for the luxury of being able to stand up in your tent, it might be just the thing.

This is the original version, and it looks like they’ve improved pretty significantly in the Series II version, which adds more usable vestibules on both ends.

They’re definitely not cheap tents, but they’re on par with comparable high-end backpacking tents, and you can’t beat a purpose-built shelter.

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